Physical Processes of Parallel Geometry

Hi geant4ers:
Hello experts, I am recently using DICOM example to test my design of radioactive seeds, and I intend to use parallel geometry to place the radioactive seeds in the model created by DICOM example.But as a newbie I don’t know how to define the physical process of parallel geometry, so I’m looking for a little help and guidance here.
I know my questions seem very ignorant and silly, but I really need your help, and even a word of guidance from you would be invaluable to me.

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Did you look at the example extended/RunandEvent/RE04?

there is should be explained,


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Dear guateelli
I just saw your message and really appreciate your advice and help. I’m really grateful for your timely guidance on all the questions I’ve asked recently, and you can’t imagine my state of excitement after receiving a reply! Thank you so much, have a great life and love you!