Physics list B1 example

Dear geant4 users,

I have been modifying the B1 example. So far I am able to create homogeneous fotons of 609 keV from the center of the world and I am trying to anilyse how many interact with a cylindrical germanium detector. All I have modified so far are the volumes in and the foton generation in

Firstly, is the G4_Ge equivalente to HPGe? and if not, does HPGe exist as a material in geant4?
And secondly, as a foton enters the germanium cylinder, it should interact via photoelectric effect as it has an adecuate energy for it. But in the grafics interface i cannot see any electron being produced inside the germanium. Do I have to change the physics list that comes by default in the B1 example in order to see it?

G4_Ge implements the natural isotopic composition of germanium, which will match your HPGe detectors.

The “standard” EM physics processes won’t produce secondary electrons below 1 keV. if you want to see the low energy secondaries as tracks, you will need to set production cuts, and do other configuration of the EM processes. The EM group has provided some guidance for this.

Thank you very much for the reply, it did help.