Plastic Scintillator for cosmic muon

Dear all,

I wanted to make a plactic Scintillator for cosmic muons.
This is my detectorconstruction.
There are a plastic scintillator and 8 detection areas.

I just want to know the count of photon that enters the detection areas.

The problem is I don’t know which physics list is good for me…
Next is the process I want.

  1. Cosmic muon scatters in plastic scintillator, resulting in photons
  2. Photons reflect inside plastic scintillator
  3. When the detection area is reached, stop and kill & count

_Geant4 Version:_geant4-v11.1.0
Operating System: Mac ventura m1
Compiler/Version: Visual Studio code / emacs
CMake Version: 3.27.2

This is my current

 #include "PhysicsList.hh"

  new FTFP_BERT();
  RegisterPhysics(new G4OpticalPhysics());  
  RegisterPhysics (new G4EmStandardPhysics()); 



welcome to Geant4. As a started with G4OpticalPhysics I would advice you to have a look at the examples distributed inside the Geant4 source code (unless explicitly disabled) in the following location examples/extended/optical.



Thanks for your advice!

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