Please how do i resolve the problem in the process of creating my detector

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_Geant4 Version:_version 11
_Operating System:_linux

Have a look through these topics and see if the solutions help. Generally building with CMake and running an application from that build shouldn’t require any specific library search path to be set, but you may want to run

$ ldd ./sim
.. and ..
$ readelf -d ./sim

to check what’s not found (in the output of the first), and whether RPATH/RUNPATH are set (in the output of the latter).

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good day sir. please any idea of running extended and advance examples of geant4 furthermore i will be glad if you permit we share contact information, it will really help me a long way sir, either whatsapp, telegram. thanks for your patience and time sir

Have you tried the suggestions above, or rather what issues are you having still? It’s better to keep posts here so anyone with the same problem can refer to them later.

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