Polarized Photoelectron physics list

Hello everyone,

I would like to share some issues and seek help with the photoelectron-based polarization physics model.

Currently, I am analyzing the photoelectron-based polarization in the 2-10 keV band using Geant4 ver. 11.1.0 and ver.10.5.1.

In order to reproduce the photoelectron track (PE), I have tried with different physics lists for each version (Because the G4LivermorePolarizedPhotoElectricGDModel is removed in ver. 11.1.0.):

(1) Geant4 ver. 11.1.0: “G4PolarizedPhotoElectricModel”
(2) Geant4 ver. 10.5.1: “G4LivermorePolarizedPhotoElectricGDModel”

However, I encountered the following issue in both cases:
(1) Geant4 ver. 11.1.0: The PE is created successfully, and the secondary electron follows the electromagnetic field (EM) correctly. However, the azimuthal angle distribution, which contains the polarization information, is not accurately reproduced based on the input polarization properties.
(2) Geant4 ver. 10.5.1: The creation of PE and the reproduction of the azimuthal angle distribution are satisfactory. However, the secondary electron does not move in accordance with the EM.

Apart from the physics model, all other settings are the same for both cases. I am wondering if this physics list can be updated and improved in the near future or if anyone can provide assistance in resolving this issue.