Possibility of Define QDs Materials in Geant4

Hi dears
Can I define materials consist of Quantum Dots?
(Quantum Dots are semiconducting nanocrystals)

Dears experts
Things became clearer with respect to this question. Just I want a confirmation of what I got.
When define material we use Material.hh and DetectorConstruction::DefineMaterials()
// define Elements
// define an Element from isotopes, by relative abundance
elX->AddIsotope(X, abundance= xx.*perCent);
and complete the definition…
So what I think, when material definition, there is no discrimination between “composites” and “nanocomposite”.
Is that the case?
if yes, can you propose a special geant4 version or another Monte Carlo code that can distinguish between the two cases “composites & nanocomposite”?
Thank you.

Geant4 treats all material as a simple continuum, with no structure. There are no “crystals”, for example (no atomic spacing, no anisotropy, etc.). If you want to model a suspension or a colloid of macroscopic or mesoscopic entites, you’d need to make tiny volumes, and emplace them as daughters in some mother volume. There have been other threads in the forums about how to do that, so a search should help you there.

But even doing that, Geant4 is not going to magically demonstrate different material properties or behaviours as a result of the “nanostructure”. G4 doesn’t do plasmons. It doesn’t do energy levels of quantum dots. You will either have to write your own physics processes to support this, or use a different simulation package for those specific features.

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