Possible issue with tracking order and tracking status 'suspend'


moving from G4.10.6.p2 to G4.10.7.02 I observe that the tracking procedure for primaries has probably changed. While in the older version the primary particle was tracked until it died due to decay, it is now suspended at each hIoni process step in a radiator gas, i.e. the track status is now 4 (suspend) instead of 0 as it was using the older G4 at very such step. Then after each such step, the G4UserTrackingAction::PostUserTrackingAction is now executed, which was not the case in the older version (probably due to track status =0). However, to my understanding this execution should not happen since the track is still alive and wil be tracked further later on. Three questions arise:
1) Has the tracking order (for primary particles) changed and if so why?
2) Why does the track status ‘suspend’ lead to the execution of the
PostUserTrackingAction if the track will be tracked later further?
3) Is this is a bug or a feature? If the latter is true, is a StackingAction
code needed to go back to the old tracking order?

The result of this change is that the the primary particle gets stored 70 times extra since the PostUserTrackingAction is executed at every hIoni step and the storage is triggered there.

Thank you very much in advance for feedback.