Potential bug report of scoring

Dear experts,

I might have found a bug in Geant4. I reported it a month ago on Bugzilla, but finally it was left unsolved: https://bugzilla-geant4.kek.jp/show_bug.cgi?id=2557

Here are the details of my problem:

I try to produce positrons by injecting 5 GeV electrons to a 18 mm thick tungsten target, and I tried to record the energy deposition by using scoring mesh overlapped with the tungsten target.

The problem is that when I updated Geant4 from 10 to 11, the positron yield at the target exit gets higher. If I turn off the scoring mesh, the positron yield gets reduced (11.9 e+/e- redeuced to 11.7 e+/e-).

The difference between using and not using mesh is mainly at low positron energy range.

I think this should be a bug, since the mesh should not affect the simulation results.

Can someone help to double check?

Thanks very much in advance!

Best regards,

Please, keep discussing the issue in the Bugzilla ticket and provide there all the requested information, rather than opening new threads. Thanks.