Problem: characteristic x-ray of copper

in bremsstrahlung spectrum i don’t have peaks of characteristic x rays, as showing in the following figure;
if can someone help me
thank you.


What size of bins on your histogram you use? Maybe the problem is that your size bins is too small to make out peaks of characteristic x-rays?

Did you activete atomic deexcitation in your model? If not, write the following commands in your mac file before the command /run/initialize:
/process/em/fluo true
/process/em/auger true
/process/em/augerCascade true
/process/em/pixe true

thanks for reply Aleksei
this my macro file:

Macro file

Can be run in batch, without graphic

or interactively: Idle> /control/execute run1.mac

Change the default number of workers (in multi-threading mode)

#/run/numberOfWorkers 4

Initialize kernel


/process/em/fluo true
/process/em/auger true
/process/em/augerCascade true
/process/em/pixe true

/control/verbose 0
/run/verbose 1
/event/verbose 0
#/tracking/verbose 1

/gun/particle e-
/gun/energy 110 keV

/run/beamOn 1000000

but its the same problem.
i don’t know if I can add something in PhysicsList.
thank you again

hi dear
i have this problem too, if you correct it .you inform me


do you check atomic deexcitation in your physics list?

asra_talebi thanks for your response.
no how can I add atomic deexcitation

list you add this in your physics
// Deexcitation
G4VAtomDeexcitation* de = new G4UAtomicDeexcitation();

it is fixed thank you so much