Problem in simulating DD fusion

hello everyone.

I want to simulate the reaction of deuterium particles over 10 MeV with heavy water to produce neutrons.

My current version of Geant4 is 10-06.

Where can I find the cross section data and what do I do to verify the angle and energy distribution of fusion neutrons.


with Geant4 10.7p02 you may try to use reference Physics Lists QBBC and QGSP_BIC_HP. We do not have many users working with fusion, so cannot guarantee accuracy but for 10.7p02 cross section itself was verified and improved.


Thank you, That helps me a lot.

I had updated the version of Geant4 to 10.07.p02 and did some simulations. I will change the physics list to QGSP_BIC_HP.

I am working on gamma shielding and neutron shielding while Im not at the point where im adding shields to the geometry.

Should I make changes to physics list.

  G4VModularPhysicsList* physicsList = new QGSP_BIC_HP;

  G4GenericBiasingPhysics* biasingPhysics = new G4GenericBiasingPhysics();
  if ( onOffBiasing == "on" )
      G4cout << "      ********************************************************* "
             << G4endl;
      G4cout << "      ********** processes are wrapped for biasing ************ "
             << G4endl;
      G4cout << "      ********************************************************* "
             << G4endl;
      G4cout << "      ************************************************* " << G4endl;
      G4cout << "      ********** processes are not wrapped ************ " << G4endl;
      G4cout << "      ************************************************* " << G4endl;


In Geant410.7 example, in Advanced files, there is a STCyclotron example, which you can refer.

mine is the simulation of DD and DT thermonuclear fusion reaction. which of the geant4 example can i refer to. thank you for your time.