Problem of geant4 configuration during installation process

Hi Dear G4 users! I’m G4 beginner, I had already installed the software, but when I try to build some examples, I got the error message below. can’t someone help me ?


After installation, did you source the Geant4 environment script (<your-install-dir>/bin/ or .csh)? That script sets the necessary environment variables so you can build against the G4 you just installed.

If you plan to do old-style Make builds of the examples or your applications, you should source <your-install-dir>/share/Geant4/10.x.y/geant4make/ or .csh instead (use 10.6.1 for 10.06-patch-01, for example).

You need to source one of these, as appropriate, every time you open a new terminal session, to set the necessary environment variables.

Thank’s for your request. The compilation and run succeed