Problem of radioactive decay Eu-152

Good day all!

I model the response of a HPGe-detector to radionuclide radiation. I have modified extended example Geant4 rdecay02 in part of geometry and turn on CorrelatedGamma in BiasedRDPhisics: “G4DeexPrecoParameters deex = G4NuclearLevelData::GetInstance()->GetParameters();*
deex >SetCorrelatedGamma(true);”, file PhisicsList stay unmodified. I have got a good match with the experimental data for Co-60 and Ba-133. But for the Eu-152 the result is bad. For some reason there is a lot contribution of 688 keV - line in the modeled spectrum. Counting on your help.

The detector response of model no Gamma Correlations:

The detector response of model with Gamma Correlations:

The file with model geometry: (24.4 KB)
DetectorConstruction.hh (4.3 KB)

The macrofile:
rdecay02.mac.txt (897 Bytes)