Problem on getting Silicon and Sulfur neutron capture peak

Hi, everyone!
I’m trying to get the neutron capture peak of Si and S with 2.45 MeV neutron. The used physicslist is “Shielding.hh” (latest Geant4 version). The result shows that the 3.5 MeV peak of Si appears, but there are no peaks of S. Then I use “SetUseOnlyPhotoEvaporation” and successfully get 5.4 MeV peak of S. However, 3.5 MeV peak of Si disappears in this situation. What can I do to get both of the peaks?
I am looking forward to your help. Thank you.

I have run example Hadr03, with attached macro to get enough statistic on neutron capture at 2.45 MeV
The first plot is for Silicon, the second for sulphur. They confirm partly your observations.
Physics constructor was Shielding, but all contractors with HP would give same results.

chen.mac.txt (390 Bytes)
chen.out.txt (2.0 KB)

Thank you for your reply! Today I read the “Book For Application Developers”. In NeutronHP section, it says that “the information on the number and energies of γ-rays emitted in the neutron capture process is incomplete for almost all the nuclei and is frequently also uncorrelated.” Maybe some peaks can’t be simulated in Geant4. Thank you again.