Problem on /process/em/AddEmRegion command

My world’s volume is made of water. There is a nucleus volume inside it that contains DNA structures made of water. Around the nucleus, gold nanoparticles are distributed. I would like to use DNA physics everywhere except the GNP region, where I would like to use Penelope physics. My attempt was to use “/process/em/AddEmRegion gnpregion G4EmPenelope”. However, when I run the beam, it does not appear to be activated. What is the process for activating this? Do DNA physics and Penelope physics work together?

Nevertheless, just to check when I tested with “/process/em/AddDNARegion gnpregion DNA_Opt2”, it was activated. What makes this command work but not AddEmRegion?

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Hi. For clarity, since Geant4 11.0, Geant4 has Geant4-DNA models for gold. You can have Penelope physics models in a region and Geant4-DNA in another region. Did you try to look at some Geant4-DNA extended examples?

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Currently, I’m going through dnaphysics examples. As I mentioned in my previous post, the command “/process/em/AddDNARegion region DNA_Opt2” works fine, but the one “/process/em/AddEmRegion gnpregion G4EmPenelope” does not. Is there anything else I need to do to activate this command?

BTW, does any Geant4-DNA model (DNA_opt1/2/3/4/5/6…) work directly for gold? Or should we go with PhysicList.CC as in the AuNP example?