Problem running Novice example N06


I have been trying to run the Novice N06 example on optical photons, but I get the following error:

Any guidance here would be much appreciated!


The example N06 is really old. It was moved and renamed to OpNovice in Dec 2012 and has undergone many changes since. I would be very surprised if the old N06 version would compile for a modern version of Geant4. What version of Geant4 are you running?

Try copying the OpNovice example from your Geant4 distribution (/path-to-Geant4/examples/extended/optical/OpNovice folder). Then do the standard procedure to compile it (cmake, make).

Thank you, that clears it! OpNovice works fine (I am working on Geant4 version 10.7).

Follow-up question: I understand that average number of optical absorption interactions per event (ANOPI) is given by fAbsorptionCounter± rmsAbsorption. Is the rmsAbsorption an RMS error? For instance, how can I interpret ANOPI = 0.1 ± 0.3 for 10000 incident photons?

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