Problem using QT

Hi, I am a new user and trying geant4 on windows and linux both to find any one problem free but still have problems on both.

Using Windows10 and visual studio 2017 with cmake 3.14.5 , i am facing problem when I set GEANT4_USE_QT=ON with cmake, it build and configure successfully but when i run
cmake --build . --config Release
it givens error at QtWidgets.lib , I want to visualize geometry of exampleB1 with QT in windows 10

The screenshot of cmake config and Qt error is given below;

Thanking you

It looks as though you’re linking a 32-bit application to a 64-bit library, or vice versa. Make them match - either build Geant4 and your application differently, or install (or build) QT differently.

I think either way will work: I recently did this with 32-bit Qt but haven’t got round to looking at the 64-bit case, yet