Problem with G4String

Good afternoon!
For several days I have been unable to figure out the following problem: I cannot run any of the examples on Windows 10 (I have successfully used Linux for many years before). Any use of G4String inside a dll will crash the application. OS Win10 x64

__scrt_throw_std_bad_alloc() 0x00007ffc75972e0b
operator new(unsigned long long) 0x00007ffc75971fb5
[Inlined] std::_Default_allocate_traits::_Allocate(const unsigned long long) xmemory:79
[Inlined] std::_Allocate_manually_vector_aligned(const unsigned long long) xmemory:134
[Inlined] std::_Allocate(const unsigned long long) xmemory:229
[Inlined] std::allocator::allocate(const unsigned long long) xmemory:834
[Inlined] std::basic_string::_Construct_lv_contents(const std::string &) xstring:2939
std::basic_string::basic_string<…>(const std::string &) xstring:2471
[Inlined] G4String::{ctor}(const G4String &) G4String.icc:36
G4UIExecutive::G4UIExecutive(int, char **, const G4String &)
main(int, char **)
invoke_main() 0x00007ff7232a2709
__scrt_common_main_seh() 0x00007ff7232a25ee
__scrt_common_main() 0x00007ff7232a24ae
mainCRTStartup(void *) 0x00007ff7232a279e

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What version of Geant4 and Visual Studio are in use, and what options did you use to configure Geant4 itself and the example?