Problem with Indium activation

Hello everyone!
I’m trying to model activation process of indium plate in neutron field, and get strange results. Using version 10.5.p01 and extended example “Activation”, in wich i modified geometry a bit, i can’t obtain any nuclei of In116[127.267] - the first metastable isomer of indium with T1/2 about 54 minutes.
I have tryed to look at different neutron energies from thermal to 14 MeV, but still no success.
Then i changed the gun particle from neutron to deuteron, and with high deuteron energy i finally observe this metastable indium isotope, but this is not what i’m looking for.
In literature there is a lot of proof that this is not rare reaction, and In116[127.267] should produce at almost same rate as In116 in ground state with T1/2 about 14 seconds, but i can’t get this result in model.
Has anyone come across with similar problem? And if so, please, tell me what to do.
Thanks in advance.