Problem with running basic examples

Hi All,

I have problems in running examples, in particular example B1.

I installed Geant4-v.11.0.0. on a virtual machine Centos7 and I think the installation procedure was successful.

However I’m not able to run example B1, category basic examples.
When I try the following message appears: “: Segmentation fault (Address not mapped to object [0x10])
Annullato (core dumped)”

The problem is that, maybe, I don’t produce the executable correctly and/or in the correct folder. May anyone tell me step by step how I should do?

Thanks in advance,

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Hi @valeriacellamare

I Certainly can comment on Address not mapped appears when there is problem with overlapping, or physics not described proper, or run/event action classes are not defined properly.

Re-Run example 1 without any modification. On your screen you find “Cumulated dose per run, in scoring volume : 3.57687 picoGy rms = 1.17765 picoGy” for 100 events.


Hi @drvijayraj,

Thanks for your reply!
The problem is that I didn’t change anything in any of the files in the folder containing the example.

Could you say if the building procedure to produce the executable has to be done in the folder containing the example (in my case folder B1) or in the folder ‘examples’? And where to run the command 'make -j N B1?


Ok !

Follow this way in testing an example.
Create work directory anywhere as per your choice. Copy and paste basic B1 example from Geant4 or build directory examples or whatever location you have.

  1. cd basic/B1
  2. create build directory
  3. cd build
  4. cmake …/
  5. make
  6. ./exampleB1

You can find full details here. How to Make an Executable Program — Book For Application Developers 11.0 documentation


Hi, @drvijayraj

I followed your suggestion and the documentation you sent…
The same error message appears.

Maybe is it an error in the installation?
Again, the same error appears.


what steps you followed.

btw !


installation guide