Problems about G4VExternalNavigation class

There is a segmentation error when I built and used a new kind of navigation class inherited from G4VExternalNavigation. In G4Navigator class, it’s mentioned that “Extra levels not applicable for external volumes”. Does this mean that the volume with kExternal tag cannot contain any daughter volumes? Is there any solution to make this work? Do I need to rewrite a new G4Navigator class inherited from the original G4Navigator?

You are correct - if you want to enable this type of capability, you would need to inherit / subclass from G4Navigator and implement it.
The use case for which this was developed did not require this, so we did not try to figure out how we might enable the use of daughter volumes in an ‘external’ type of physical volume. The use case(s) which the external functionality was envisioned/created for involved geometry (sub)modellers for flat geometries.

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