Problems with simulating a silicon drift detector (SDD)

Hi all,
I want to simulate a silicon drift detector to detect X-rays, but the silicon crystal of SDD is very complicated. Can I simulate only a pure silicon crystal with the crystal size of SDD? But in this case, it seems to be indistinguishable from other silicon semiconductor detectors.



This is a silicon crystal picture of SDD.
(Technology Focus: Silicon Drift Detectors)

If you just want the energy deposits, then treating is as a simple disk of silicon should be sufficient (the p-type and n-type doping isn’t high enough density to affect bulk material properties at the Geant4 level).

If you’re wanting to model the electron drift and collection at the anode, that’s not really something Geant4 does. There are better simulations out there for that. You’d take the energy deposit output of Geant4, convert it to some number of electrons at a position, and feed that into the “electronics” simulation.

Hi mkelsey, thank you very much for your reply, it has inspired me a lot. I’m just concerned with energy deposition, and I will treat it as a simple disk of silicon.

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