Product Cross Section For Zn66 in Geant4

Dear experts, I want to calculate the cross section (Product Crosssection) of the Ga66 element produced by sending deuteron to the Zn 66 element, which is my target in Geant 4.Is there a Geant4 sample file where I can do this calculation, so in which sample file can I calculate it? Do I need to make changes in the source files with C++ coding?

You mean, activity measurement ?
You can use other softwares to calculate the cross-sections of any reaction. E.g.,


I want to calculate production cross section on Geant4

Hello, i`m trying to calculate cross section to the same reaction as you

but i can`t define deuteron as a gun particle, i used Hadr00 example

could you help if you reach any point?

I want to calculate the product cross section after the reaction.

Hello @shatha-omar

Answer to deuteron:-

/gun/particle ion
/gun/ion 1 2


hello @drvijayraj
thank you a lot! i did it in Hadr03 (ion.mac) it give me the interaction, but it seems to me that the target is in a box shape could it be a disk for example?

Hello ,

Make changes in the detector construction.

#include “G4Tubs.hh”
G4Tubs* soliddisc = new G4Tubs(“disc”,, discRadius,discHalfLength,discPhi,discPhi);
logicdisc = new G4LogicalVolume(soliddisc,discMat,“DISC”);
G4ThreeVector positiondsic = G4ThreeVector(0.*cm,0.*cm,;
physiDisc = new G4PVPlacement(0,positiondisc,“disc”,logicdisc, itsMother,false,0);

Read example 2 or 3 detector construction for more details.


Screenshot 2023-07-16 020852
In the example here, the product cross section curve is drawn. From which sample file do I access this graph data in Geant4?

zinc.mac.txt (332 Bytes)

hello, im working in the same figure as you unfortunately im still looking between Hade00 and Hadr03, i`m not sure yet.

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What should I do if I want to calculate the cross section of Ga68 produced by proton bombardment on Zn68 targets.
68Zn (p, n) 68Ga,just like the image below