Program fail with G4HadronPhysicsQGSP_BIC_AllHP

Dear Experts,

When I use:

RegisterPhysics(new G4HadronPhysicsQGSP_BIC_AllHP)

to construct my physicsList, it is well compiled with no error but if I run the program, it failed at initialization:

Available UI session types: [ Qt, GAG, tcsh, csh ]
terminate called after throwing an instance of 'G4HadronicException'
  what():  std::exception
Aborted (core dumped)

If I use just
RegisterPhysics(new G4HadronPhysicsQGSP_BIC_HP)
everything just works good.

From other published articles I know that ‘_AllHP’ refers more experimental data when constructing the cross section of some reaction channels. It seems like ‘_AllHP’ in my computer fails to find the exp-data. But I don’t know the detail of how I can fix this problem.

My OS is Ubuntu 20.04 LTS, G4 version is G4.10.05.p01.

Any suggestion for this problem? Thanks in advance.

1- you must download G4TENDL1.3.2 data set. See Geant4 home page -> Download -> data files
2- set the env variable G4PARTICLEHPDATA to point to it.

for example, in your geant4.csh, a line something like :

Thank you very much, it works!!!