Proton range cut


I’m simulating a phantom with small voxels (~130 um). I set the range cut for protons and electrons smaller than the voxel size. When I look at the conversion of the range cut to energy threshold, it doesn’t seem to agree with the range given in PSTAR database. For adipose, the energy threshold corresponding to a 100 um range cut in Geant4 is 10 keV (see figure below) but in PSTAR, a 10 keV proton has a CSDA range of 0.27 microns. Can someone help me understand how the range to energy conversion is being done in Geant4? Thanks!

Screenshot 2022-02-17 at 09.54.05


cut for proton has different meaning from other cuts. It is a cut for recoil ions (including protons) for elastic scattering processes.



I actually just saw that line in the manual. Does this mean that all protons are tracked to zero energy? What exactly is the implication of this cut for elastic scattering processes?