QBBC Physics list: UI command to modify the Neutron cut

Hi all.

I am using GATE (Geant4) to simulate p+7Li/9Be reaction at 21.6 MeV to measure neutrons. I am trying to do these simulations using QBBC PhysicsList. And, after simulating 10^8 protons I don’t see any neutron production. The spectra is blank and the neutron entries are zero.

In the manual of QBBC, there is a neutron cut mentioned
“Neutrons may be killed by energy cut (zero by default) or by time cut (10 microsecond by default). These cuts may be modified via UI commands.”

It’s suggested that it can be modified by the UI commands. However, the requisite UI commands are not given. Does anybody has an idea about these command with which I can change the time cut? Any other suggestion as in why I can’t see anything in the spectra is welcomed.