Qt version 5 problem

I’m trying to get geant4 to work with Qt. I downloaded and installed Qt5, and I have set CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH to “~/Qt5.13.2/5.13.2/clang_64/cmake” and GEANT4_USE_QT to on, however, I am still getting the error:

Found unsuitable Qt version "" from NOTFOUND, this code requires Qt 4.x

Searches have said version 5 should be fine, and this error is returned only if geant4 cannot find any version of Qt. I would appreciate any help or resources to resolve this.

I also met this problem and I used QT5.9.0. I first chose "QT5.9.0/5.9.0/mingw53_32/cmake " and an error occurred. Then I changed to use"QT5.9.0/5.9.0/msvc2017_64/cmake " and it worked.

Make sure the Qt platform is same with your compiler (Check if it is clang or msvc. In Linux it may be gcc or some others.) and set the variable (CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH) to “~/Qt5.13.2/5.13.2/clang_64” this level.