Question: Electric Field Visualization

Dear Experts,

I am using Geant4.10.7.p02 on Ubuntu.

I am attempting to set up a local constant electric field in my simulation. For that I copied the relevant files from field02 example. For the moment I have a simulation that compiles but I am struggling with the visualization. I can see how the particle tragectories are affected by the electric field. But I don’t manage to visualize the electric field itself.

I have been checking and it seems that I could visualize this electric field using the command


But I don’t find this command in my listed set of available commands. (See Picture) Any suggestion about what am I doing wrong?




Are you sure you are not inadvertently picking up an old version of Geant4? /vis/scene/add/electricField should certainly be in 10.7.

I don’t recognise the picture - what OS and what vis driver are you using? How did you get that command structure layout?


Hello John,

Thank you very much. It was exactly that I made a mistake in my .basrc file and even if I thought i was using 10.7 I was actually using 10.05 …

As for the OS, I am using a Linux subsistem for windows and xming server to visualize things, may be that is why my layout is a little different. I get that command layout by clicking the help menu.

Thanks again!


OK. Great. Thanks for letting us know.