Radioactive decay (no gamma lines)

Dear everyone,

I’m trying to simulate the as follow:
I have the electron beam with energy up to 50 MeV with detemined energy and angular distribution. This beam goes into a gold target (~ 1 mm thickness), also there is a probe, that consists from Au, Ta, In and Cr (total thickess 2 mm) materials and stands after the gold target. I’m measuring gamma spectrum right after the probe (gamma_spectrum.png), but there are missing lines around 200-400 keV according to an experiment. My question is: why don’t I have these lines? What should I do? PhysicsList is attached. Also I have already used standard physics lists, but had nothing.

Thank you in advance. (8.3 KB)


there is no need making custom Physics List. It is possible to use one of existing reference Physics Lists and put G4RadioactiveDecayPhysics on top or combine modular Physics List from EM standard option4 + radioactive decay + whatever needed component from Geant4 distribution.


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