Radioactive Source Modeling

Hello everyone,
I have source energies and it’s probability of radioactive source. Can I model radioactive source using energies and it’s probability ? Any example related for this problem? Thank you.

you can use GeneralParticleSource with user defined energy histogram like in this example Geant4 GPS Examples.


I couldn’t find that example. Please give me name of example in basic, advance or extended folder. Thank you very much for the reply.

It’s not in the Geant4 distribution. Did you folow the link?

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Yes, I have followed. I understood. Thank you very much.

Hello sir,
I don’t know the meaning of
1.0 0.
2.0 5.
7.0 1.
10. 1.
In the last 4 lines. Please help me.

/gps/hist/point 1.0 0.
/gps/hist/point 2.0 5.
/gps/hist/point 7.0 1.
/gps/hist/point 10. 1.

Thank you!

The documentation includes a section describing all of the macro commands. If there’s missing information, please let us know.

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Thank you very much mkelsey.

The first value is the energy and the second value is its weight, right?

/gps/hist/point energy weight