RapidGDML, a Qt-based GUI application that accelerates GDML coding

Hi everyone,
Here I present my open source QT-based application which help users to write their GDML code in a fast manner. The code provides various convivial GUI widgets for constructing materials, solid geometries, logical and physical volumes and other GDML parameters. All of GDML components defined by the user are stored in a database having the SQLite format.
It can be downloaded from following link:

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It encapsulates a powerful tool called STL-To-GDML converter, which convert automatically CAD geometry into tessellated solid and assign to it a material which is previously defined by user.

Hi I am developing a FreeCAD GDML Workbench see https://github.com/KeithSloan/FreeCAD_Python_GDML and wondering if there would be any mileage in having the two applications work together. FreeCAD is built on top or Qt and I am led to believe that Qt has methods for communication between two Qt Applications as per https://doc.qt.io/qt-5/ipc.html

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Hi Keith Sloan,
I have seen your project written in Python language, it seems of great interest. I strongly welcome your idea, I see that coupling the two applications can allow users to easily handle GDML language.

Although the two applications were developed in different languages (C++ & Python), I see that creating one open source application that benefices from all features of the two present ones can be also of great interest for Geant4 users. If you see that is a valuable point , I 'm ready to contribute in such work.
You can contact me at bahmedj@gmail.com