RAYLEIGH - OpNovice2

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I am trying to understand the Rayleigh process of OpNovice2, especially the values in electron.mac:

/opnovice2/boxProperty RAYLEIGH .000002 1 .000008 1

I am confused about the numbers (.000002 1 .000008 1 ) Are these the attenuation coefficient or the form factor?

Any help would be very much appreciated.

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It is the Rayleigh scattering length in m as a function of energy in MeV.

The macro commands setting the material properties in OpNovice2 are equivalent to the hard-coded method in the other examples.

/opnovice2/boxProperty RAYLEIGH .000002 1 .000008 1

is the same as

G4double rayleigh[] = {1.*m, 1.*m};
G4double energy[] = {2.*eV, 8.*eV};
box_MPT->AddProperty(“RAYLEIGH”, energy, rayleigh, 2);

Hello Daren,

Thanks a lot for the answer