.../rdm/... process list missing when using G4RadioactiveDecayPhysics

Hi all. Perhaps a basic question, but I am using the \extended\medical\dna\svalue example supplied with Geant4 v 11.1.1. In the PhysicsList the radioactive decay process is registered using G4RadioactiveDecayPhysics() class, which is supposed to have member functions of G4RadioactiveDecay()?

What I want is to limit the decay chain using the macro command /process/had/rdm/nucleusLimits, however only /dex/ and /models/ are listed under the hadronic processes.
I get a similar problem with the \extended\radioactivedecay\rdecay02 example. Am I missing a header which needs to be included somewhere?

Regards, Hein

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likely you need to try these commands after /run/initialise