Read geometry from GDML files


I am trying to build my detector from .gdml files, according to the examples from …/extended/parameterisations/gdml/G01 and G04 templates. This means that I tried to my very best to adjust the source and header files for the detector construction, so that all the pointer and variables for the G4GDMLParser would be set correctly. Moreover, I also set the auxiliary values for the sensitive detector

However, when I run the build, I get the following error:

Could anyone help me, please, with some advice?

Thank you in anticipation!


I have managed to figure out the reason: I have declared the auxiliary attribute inside the Physical Volume physvol constructor, which does not allow for the implementation for auxiliary method. Consequently, I have switched the code line only inside the volume constructor, not inside the physical volume constructor.

However, I still get the following error:

Could anyone help me with a piece of advice on this issue, please?

Kind thanks!

The screenshot with the .gdml file is here (the auxiliary implementation of particular interest)