Reducing Physics Verbosity


I have come across a unexpected verbosity with the FTFP_BERT 2.0. Currently I have the input verbosity set and physics loaded in the main file as the following:

G4int verbose = 0;
G4VModularPhysicsList* physics = new FTFP_BERT(verbose);

However, when I run a simulation with charged particles of about several hundred MeV I get a lot of extra data printed out to the terminal such as this:

None of the current simulation is set to printout any data except when saving to files or during construction (which is none of this data), or during detector construction build errors, so I think this must come from the physics list? Any idea where this kind of output is originating and how it could be reduced or removed to speed up simulations?



Geant4 has independent verbosity level in different domains. The printout you do not want to see come not from PhysicsList but from other parts of Geant4.

In this particular case a very detailed printout for nuclear level data is somehow enabled. It should not be like this - you may try out any of Geant4 examples.