Replaced the particle Gun with GPS

I replaced the particle Gun with GPS, so I changed primarygeneratoraction. cc and .hh files, and “G4systemOfUnits.hh” is also included in the header.

But in .mac file, I get this error that says the unit is not defined. Based on the GPS manual, The units can be micron, mm, cm, m or km, and I used micron, mm and cm, and none worked.

Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated.

Check file name, in your message it is incorrect, it should be G4SystemOfUnits.hh

Hi, Thank you for the reply. In the file, that is written correctly. So that should not be an issue.

the exact error is :

***G4Exception : InvalidUnit
issued by : G4UnitDefinition::GetCategory ()
The unit 'cm ’ does not exist in the Units Table!

Solved. Issue was spacing in .in file!

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