Reproduce result - moleculardna

I’m trying to reproduce the result that published in Shin et al., 2021.
(Cancers | Free Full-Text | A Geant4-DNA Evaluation of Radiation-Induced DNA Damage on a Human Fibroblast)
The input macro file and the result are attached.
I used the same setting as in the paper, except the number of histories.
But the errors have already very small (within 0.1%).
I’ve run the example with 50 MeV and 4 MeV protons. (LET= 1.24 and 9.33 keV/um, respectively)
However, the results are a little bit different (The difference is larger than uncertainty).
Both SSB yield and DSB yield are larger than the results from paper.


Any comment will be appreciated!

human_cell.txt (1.7 KB)

Thank you very much for using and checking the example! This example is under development and its physics and chemistry models are being improved to fit with open-source code requirements and the performance of simulation. In this beta version, we have used a new version of chemistry model (IRT-syn, Home - molecularDNA ) then the results may slightly differ with the version used in the paper. The difference is under investigation and may be updated in the official release at the end of year.
Any feedback will be welcomed.