Request the option of building Geant4 with Wayland display server

Recently I posted a problem about using Qt and X11 which produced a “see-through” or empty geometry window (see “Empty see-through graphics window in Qt session for B1 example” in “Recording, Visualizing and Persisting Data” category posted 2020-05-04). The problem was that I had built Geant4 with the Qt and X11 options, but my upgraded system (Fedora 32 Linux) was using Gnome with Wayland as the default display server rather than X11. I was able to switch my session to Gnome with Xorg which uses X11 as the display server, and the Qt GUI became normal.

However, Wayland is now the default display server for Fedora and some other Linux distributions and will likely continue to become default for others since it is probably superior to X11. My worry is that at some point, they may quit supporting X11.

I would like to see a Wayland build option for Geant4. Does anyone else share this desire? Also, do Geant4 developers have any plans to include it as an option sometime in the future?

Thank you.

You might consider creating a Bugzilla “enhancement” report (it’s one of the choice in the “severity” pulldown), perhaps in the generic “visualization” category.

Thank you. That is a good idea. I will do so.

I have created Bugzilla problem 2242 to request this enhancement. I will keep you posted as to the outcome.