.root File Outputs

I want to run extended example->electromagnetic->TestEm1 using the input file method, i.e. TestEm1.in. This example has .root output files with histograms that I am interested in. After making my desired edits to TestEm1.in, I used the following command to run the example:

Jamess-MBP:TestEm1-build jamesbowen$ ./TestEm1 TestEm1.in > TestEm1.out
It ran, but it did not produce the .root files and their histograms that I am interested in. It looks like the only command that produces the .root output files is:

Jamess-MBP:TestEm1-build jamesbowen$ ./TestEm1 runs.mac
It does not look like my edits in TestEm1.in were inputted in the run with the runs.mac command. Can I produce the .root output files with the first command I listed above? If so, how? If not, do I make the needed changed in the .cc files in the src directory?

I originally posted this question five days ago. I does not look like it was widely viewed, and I received no responses, so I am re-posting.


The TestEm1.in script as it is written does not set up histograms to be filled and hence shouldn’t produce any .root files when executed. You will have to modify TestEm1.in to do so, in a manner similar to what is done in runs.mac (see lines /analysis/h1/set …). It is explained in section “8 - HISTOGRAMS” of the README file.

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Thanks John. I will take a close look at this.