Rotating target

Hello, is it possible to simulate a rotating target?

I move geometries using the Geant4 Parameterised volumes. Please look at this presentation towards the end.
The presentation is a little bit old but the principle is still valid.

Hello @guatelli, thank you!
I’m looking the parametrization… Here an example

But it looks like to me that it can just translate the solids…am I wrong?

Instead I need …
I have the targets, here an example of them

This is the reference system:
-The targets are positioned along the z axis,
-The beam moves along the z axis
-x axis is orthogonal to z axis
-y axis is orthogonal to xy plane

Currently they are fixed…I would rotate them in the time along the y axis in the time. Then

1.The targets should rotate in the time.
2. Given that particles have approximately light speed c, then particle speed is higher then the rotating speed of targets, I can’t use just a bunch but the simulation should run for a time T (for example I should set T=5min and I should have bunches for 5 minutes)…

Is it possible?