Rules for new users

Hi here,
as a new user of the forum (but not of Geant4), I have noticed there are a few rules related to new users.
However, I am only discovering them by bumping into them.
Is there a place where they are listed ?

My biggest problem atm is that I was talking with someone about an issue, but I cannot answer anymore since I am limited to 3 replies.

Thank you in advance

There’s no explicit list anywhere, and we’ve generally adopted the Discourse defaults. So first few posts are somewhat restrictive (limited/no links, images etc), but otherwise should be standard - basically designed to limit spam/etc, but of course this can sometimes accidentally trigger on perfectly valid posts.

I’d guess you ran into the consecutive replies, but this should be per thread, rather than globally, and also 3 back-to-back replies rather than any three per thread. If you can point me to the thread where this occurred, I can check the expected behaviour was applied. Generally, this is a reasonable setting as it’s better to try and consolidate comments into a single post rather than across many.

Hi bmorgan,
thank you for the answer.
Here is a link to the thread : Weird GUI display after modifying geometry with UI commands in Geant4 11
It was not 3 back-to-back replies.

Thanks, I think that’s actually a separate setting. As you replied to that topic as your first post in the forum, this also limits you to three replies (which don’t have to be consecutive) until someone replies to them. Again, another spam/hijacking prevention measure, which unfortunately triggered in this specific case - I can’t see the detail, but might be because whilst the posts responding to yours are there, they might not have been classed as replies (e.g. no click on the “reply” icon in your posts).