Runing Geant4on cluster

hello Geant4 user currently i’m runing an example of geant4 in my direcoty on a cluster, could you please figurout what is the problem since i follow all the steps.
you can see the errour from the screenshot.
one think more i think the erreur is related to Qt5, intialization

_Geant4 Version:_11.1.1
_Operating System:_linux

Could you post the output of:

$ ldd ./exampleB1


$ readelf -d ./exampleB1

please? I’d suspect something in the setting of link paths/environment variables.

hello Bmorgan ,
thank you for replay , here the screenshot of ldd./exampleB1.

i think i can see somthing which is topas is like the envirement are mixed (GeantData used by topas and Geant4/11.1.1)

Please don’t do screenshots. They are difficult or impossible to read (especially for anyone with visual problems), and there’s no possible way to do “cut and paste.” You can use “quoted text”, by putting three backquotes “```” on a line by itself, then pasting in your text, then putting another line of three backquotes after it.

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okay i will do it but know i fixed the issue,
it was related to a mexing of setting up the envirement of TOPAS ( uses the Data of Geant4
) and the data of Geant4.
and also i was doing the set up into the file .bashrc, but now i did them separately in a

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