Running a code "Geant4_HPGe"

Dear all
I am trying to run the “GitHub - shenvitor/Geant4_HPGe: Simulation of the detection efficiency of HPGe detector with gamma incoming beam source” code from githup.

I copped all files on my mac computer using the same folder name, then run the cmake command inside the build folder but I got
“fg: no current job”

even though the cmake command works with other codes which I build by myself.

Can someone assist me to run the code and obtain results

_Geant4 Version: geant4-v11.1.2
_Operating System: Mac book pro
_Compiler/Version: mac
_CMake Version:_cmake.3.27.20

This feels like it’s more to do with something going on in this specific terminal/directory with fore/background jobs? In a worst case, try contacting the author of the package, though I can’t see anything amiss in their Cmake scripts.

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