Running rdecay02, no run1.mac included

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_Geant4 Version:_geant4-10-07-patch-01 (5-February-2021)
_Operating System:_Linux Mint
_Compiler/Version:_cmake version 3.22.0-rc1


I am attempting to run the rdecay02 example exactly how it is provided with the code. I have followed the process in the manual for building the executable:

$ cd $HOME
$ mkdir rdecay02-build
$ cd $HOME/rdecay02-build
$ cmake -DCMAKE_PREFIX_PATH=$HOME/geant4/geant4.10.07.p01-install path/to/rdecay02
$ make -j1

but there is no run1.mac provided to then run the code in batch mode:

$ ./rdecay02 run1.mac

in the example folder in the source code there is also no run1.mac file provided.



you are right, the mentioned file is not there (at least in the github repo). You can alternatively test with

./rdecay02 debug.mac

or start interactively


and then try the macros in the subfolder macros from the command line:

/control/execute macros/<...>

// or

/control/macroPath macros
/control/execute <...>

where you replace <..> with one of the macros in

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