Scintillator Properties in Geant4

Hi everyone
I’m looking for scintillator properties like density and ionization energy, and so on in geant4. Can I find these in the examples?

Try the macro command:

/material/g4/printMaterial all

Note that scintillator properties such as the yield are specified by the user.

Scintillator properties such as light yield and the primary decay time are typically provided by the manufacturer. However, the emission spectrum for fast and slow component are not typically provided. Can you please tell what’s the general practice to obtain the scintillator properties used in Geant4?

For a widely used scintillator such as LSO, I assume there exist experimental data available in the literature. Is there any database that the people in this field usually refer to or a rule of thumb if such a database doesn’t exist (e.g., assuming a Gaussian distribution around the peak wavelength)?

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Saint-Gobain looks to provide quite detailed information (including the emission spectrum) about their scintillation crystals. For example,