Searching for Varian LINAC iX 15MV phase space

Hello, I’m a physicist and I’m currently in a medical physics residency program. I’m developping a project in which we try to calculate secondary neutron dose in and out-of-field of treatment produced by a Varian iX 15MV beam. But for that, right now, I need the phase space files of this specific beam. I know there is a series of phase space files in IAEA website (here: Index of /phsp/photon1), but there isn’t specifically this one of the 15MV beam. Can anyone help? Possibly someone has this phase space file or can recommend a place where I can find it? I’m aware of Varian Virtual LINAC wep app, but I’ve been informed that this is no longer available. So I’m in search of other options. Thank you in advance! Any information will be valuable since I’m new to both Geant4 and this project.

Geant4 Version: 11.2.1
Operating System: Windows 10
Compiler/Version: IDE Visual Studio 2022 17.9.7
CMake Version: 3.29.3