Secondary interactions using the Penelope physics list

How to get counts from secondary interactions using the Penelope physics list? I have just been getting counts from primary interactions.

I am trying to generate this plot. I am getting the blue graph (primary interactions), but been unable to get the red dashed curve (secondary interactions). I talked to the author of the paper and he used the Penelope software package for simulation, not Geant4 so he couldn’t help me with it.

If you’re using a SteppingAction or a SensitiveDetector, make sure that you are not restricting your counts to just a particular particle type, or to just trackID==1 (the primary).

If you’re using one of the regular scorers, it shouldn’t be limited to just the primary, unless you explicitly configured it that way.

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I am using ExampleB4b as a base, do we have to change the code to get the counts from secondary interactions in that example?

If yes, would you please suggest me an example to look at? I am new to Geant4 so.