Segmentation fault after adding Messenger

Hi all,

I added two Messenger classes to my code and they are working fine but I got core dump/segmentation fault error at the end of the simulation probably when deleting the run manager or after that. I suppose I am not deleting something(s) at the end that is/are related to the messengers. I checked a couple of available examples and haven’t seen anything like deleting instances related to messengers. Any idea to sort this out would be so much appreciated.

Thank you

Or, alternatively, the messengers are deleted twice.

Remove one messenger and check if the issue is still there. Use a debugger to see where the code crashes. That way it will be easier to spot the mistake. Usually, the messengers are working fine.

Do you have the ActionInitialization after the messengers are created?

Thank you for the advice!
I removed messengers but still got the error; After running in debugging mode, it seems the problem is when it is deleting UserPhysicsList. One of the messengers is designed to talk to a physics process and was instantiated in the physics class but nothing was deleted twice.

Solved, turned out that I mistakenly deleted the instance of my physics process alongside the instance of the messenger in my PhysicList. Thanks for the help.

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