Segmentation fault (core dumped) for B1 example Geant4.10.01.3

When running the simplest example after building it with no errors I get the following problem :

[ggarcia@localhost B1-build]$ ./exampleB1
Available UI session types: [ Qt, Xm, GAG, tcsh, csh ]
Segmentation fault (core dumped)

I am using a CentOS 7 for the Geant4 - 10-01.3 version with GCC 9.3.0. I’ve installed Geant4 - 10-03.1 in my other machine and to solve this problem was only necessary to do the post installation $ . , but this time it is not working. Could someone help me?

I desativated the UI and the Visualization in the cmake and then it worked. So someone could help me with what should I do to make UI and Visualization work,please? Thank you

Hi, I found this

Run Time Problems

  1. On Linux, I get a segmentation fault as soon as I run one of the official examples.

Check that the CLHEP library has been installed and compiled coherently with the same compiler you use for installing Geant4 and for the same version of Linux distribution. For example, a binary object produced with Red-Hat 7.X is not fully compatible with binaries running on RH 9.X or higher, due to different libc used in the two configurations.


Dear EscapingEntropy,

Thank you!

Could you help me bit more about how to do it? How to check it for example and correct it if necessary? I’m having a hard time with it and all of this is quite new for me.

Thank you again!

I’m afraid I can’t help with that, hopefully someone else can! I actually use the Geant4 virtual machine ( on my Windows laptop so don’t know how it works with a full installation. Sorry I can’t be of more help - best of luck!

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All I can recommend is to google for a tutorial on using the GDB debugger as that’s helpful in getting to the bottom of segfaults.

Otherwise, 10.1 is quite an old version and no longer patched. I’d try with the latest 10.6 as that’s supported and has been tested with GCC 9.

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Than you for the help. I will check the Debugger and maybe in case of troubles still I will get the latest version.