Segmentation Fault (core dumped) on Geant4


I am using a detector to detect prompt gammas released from proton and water interactions. Also, I am using my university cluster system which has a hell of a lot of memory etc.

When I did 2,000,000 beamOns I works perfectly fine and I have got the expected spectrum as a root file. However, when I go on to increase the number of beamOns to 20,000,000 I am getting Segmentation Fault (core dumped) after some runs. What might be the issue?


Not enough information. At a bare minimum, you should run your executable in your favorite debugger, and get a traceback at the point of the segfault. Then you can identify for yourself whether the failure is in your code, or in Geant4. Even if it is in a Geant4 function, you can inspect in the debugger, and see the traceback, and figure out whether your code is passing in bad arguments or something.

Thanks for the reply!

How to run executable with debugger (I have no prior knowledge on using debugger tool with geant4)

Not enough information. Since you know what kind of computing system (called a “platform”) you’re running on, I recommend using whatever search engine you like for "debugger tool for " (Unix, Linux, MacOS, Windows, whatever).

If you’re on a typical Linux system, the debugger is “gdb”, and you can very easily find full documentation for it either online, or by reading the man page.