Sensitive Detector 0 eV energy

Hello all,

I have a problem using the GetDeltaEnergy function for a sensitive detector. I’m trying to detect photons in the visible energy (~1.7 eV<E<~3.5 eV), but still there is no energy cut implemented.

I was told that I have to stop and kill the particle once it hit the detector using this instruction “aStep->GetTrack()->SetTrackStatus(fStopAndKill);” and then get the energy “G4double edep = aStep->GetDeltaEnergy();”

The problem is that when the simulation is running, it show hits but all of them with energy of “0 eV”.

Can someone tell me how to fix this?

Thanks in advance.

Photons in themselves do not deposit energy, They interact and produce electrons (and excited atoms) which deposit energy.

Does that explain your observations?

Hi, John. Depending on the production cuts settings, I think it is possible for a photon to have “GetEnergyDeposit()” filled from ParticleChange. If an interaction “would have” produced an electron, but that electron was suppressed as a secondary because of the production cut, then the energy involved has to go somewhere; as I understand it, it gets added into the EnergyDeposit.

Ah, yes. Makes sense.